The Ringmasters

After a couple decades of life enjoying Bloody Marys and sampling different brands of ‘the world’s most variable drink’, we got to thinking. It was time to get serious about our passion for the perfect Bloody Mary and satisfy our entrepreneurial spirits at the same time. Time to research and develop a knock-out recipe with the flavor to please the wide-ranging palettes of Bloody Mary aficionados.

Like you, we have tasted our share of too watery, too bland, too thin or too thick, too-tomato-ey, too ‘make–up-your-own-adjective’ Bloody Mary Mixes.

Our goal was to find the perfect blend of ingredients matched with the perfect consistency. Sure, our Side Show secret recipes utilize some typical bloody mary ingredients, but several surprises as well. After experimenting with and testing over 75 different recipes, we found our winning formulas.

The secret is in the blend of over 13 ingredients, used in each of three varieties—from Strongman to Fire Breather. There is a flavor for every taste. So go ahead and seize your Side Show! And always drink authentically.

Pete & Kelly Holzer

A man and woman sitting on the ground with drinks.

“Max Davidson of The Daily Telegraph called the Bloody Mary “the world’s most complex cocktail,” in 2013.